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TPP provides complete turnkey delivery services, from the development of project documentation for industrial equipment, through assembly, to their commissioning and subsequent servicing. We implement projects all over the world and supply furnaces to all important world markets. We have more than 70 years experience behind us, a solid financial background and a dependable quality management system.

Independent company building on the traditions of the largest manufacturers of industrial furnaces in the Czech Republic

Projects implemented Worldwide

million EUR annual turnover

% reduction in emissions when using our modern production equipment

Application of our furnaces

Melting and casting aluminium alloys

Melting, casting and holding furnaces with a charge of up to 60 tons

Heat treatment of metals

Chamber, bogie hearth, bell type, continuous, rotary hearth and other furnaces with temperatures of up to 1 350 °C.

Firing and drying technical ceramics

Chamber, bogie hearth, bell type and tunnel furnaces with temperature firing of up to 1 800 °C.

Hot-dip galvanizing

Furnaces for continuous or batch material hot dip galvanizing with steel or ceramic galvanizing baths with a length of up to 20 m. We supply related equipment such as drying furnaces, fume extraction and/or heat exchangers.

We also deliver turnkey solutions

We design

We have a large and experienced team of technicians, which can also provide professional consulting services. We design according to the latest state of the art equipment using computational models.

We manufacture

We manufacture furnaces on a turnkey basis according to individual customer requirements. During implementation, we are flexible enough to adapt to the challenging conditions of industrial operations minimizing the disruption to production.

We service

We provide professional diagnostics locally or via remote access. Contact us not only if you need service and advice, but also regarding the reconstruction and modernization of furnaces and equipment.

We guarantee

We guarantee our professional and expert work. By agreement, we offer an extended warranty, because we stand by our work; we are not afraid to guarantee quality.

We care about the environment

We design furnaces to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. This is a matter of course for new devices, but we will also help you with the reconstruction of older furnaces that have not yet been designed according to today’s standards. We replace existing heating systems with more modern ones with the possibility of using alternative sources of energy. Our designs work efficiently with the use of residual heat.

Clients and partners